Monday, January 23, 2012

And away we go!

It all started with an egg sandwich. I was sitting in front of a picture window the size of an elephant looking out over the Atlantic in Biddeford, Maine eating an egg sandwich of my own design that bordered on transcendent. I thought, people should know about this sandwich.

I have been pondering starting a food blog for some time. In fact, I have now written this post four times in as many months.

When the idea first occurred to me, I started cooking like a madwoman-- every day. At one point my fridge held multiple cakes (and cupcakes!) plus four different kinds of leftover protein of various sorts, and enough veggies to sink a ship, not to mention homemade granola and a sad, sad batch of biscuits* that were only pretty on the outside.

We were giving away food to everyone who stopped by the house but we were still gaining weight by the day . Worst of all, it was just a plain old waste of food.

Eventually I realized that I didn't have to cook every day, or post every day, or even make food that needed to be eaten right away (I could pickle stuff!) and I could still have a satisfying food blog. So, please, be patient as I get in to the groove-- and email requests!

*This is American biscuits, not British biscuits.

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